Update of FW PPKOORD

Update of firmware in board PPKOORD


For apply the update follow this procedure:

1) In a Windows PC, run the "Flash_RTKITE_PPK_1_3_5.exe" file

2) Connect the USB cable to board "PPKOORD"

3) Press button of the board "PPKOORD" and keep pressed

4) Connect the other end of USB cable to PC

5) In board "PPKOORD" the LED red will be "On", wait until led green is also "On" (aprox 10 sec)

6) You can release button of board "PPKOORD"

7) Press button "[3] Update PPK FW (Reset)" in "Flash_RTKITE_PPK_version.exe"

You can verify in the USB Menu that the FW version will be "version" after the update





















Change log

FW Version Comment
1.2.8 Initial version
1.3.1 Added baud rate selectable for the ouput/input of TTL port
1.3.1b Added "Menu UHF" for setup the 1W Module (RTK versions, optional)


Added GALILEO system