SMARTK / RKITE Software Downloader

SMARTK / RKITE Software Downloader


The files in these receivers can be downloaded with the help of this Software for PC



For run this Software, the computer must have installed the correct version Java. If your system is 32bits, be sure to install 32bits JRE (or JDK) Java. If your system is 64bits (most probably), be sure to install 64bits JRE (or JDK) Java.

Mostly problems with this Software happens when the user run the program in a 64bits system that have installed the version 32 bits JRE (or JDK) Java. For solve it, remove the wrong version of Java and be sure to install the correct.

You can run the Software from the console for confirm the proble

1) Start or Run, type CMD and run as Administrador (right button click, on mouse)
2) Browse to Installation folder (for example, C:\Program Files\North SD Downloader)
3) Run the Software typing this command in CMD

java -jar NorthSmarTK.jar

How to use this Software


The connection is by Bluetooth. So your system must first discover and create the Bluetooth COM port. RTKITE must be in "Config Mode" (LED green on)

Other option is to extract the SD card from the board and insert in the PC, use then the button "Process Files from Folder"


The connection is by wire (the USB Lemo Y Cable). SMARTK must be in the Mode "PPS Recording" and "RDY"