Menu by USB Cable

Menu by USB Cable


This board have a Menu for setup some features, accessible by the USB cable.

Requirements: HyperTerminal

HyperTerminal is installed with your Windows system. You can also download from here if you dont find it



1) Connect the power supply of GNSS stage and wait the 10 sec of the startup (both LED red and green are solid on). Wait until the board setups the current mode of operation (led red is flashing fast).

2) Press push button 3 seconds until the LED green is solid on.

3) Connect the USB Cable to the PC and start HyperTerminal. Connect at 11500 baud with the COM port you have in the Device Manager


Here is the current Menu, can change in next updates of Firmware


Driver for COM Port


Normally, the COM Port is recognized automatically by Windows 10. In the case your Windows does not have the driver installed, follow these steps for a manual installation:

- Go to the Device manager and identify the device. Perform an 'update driver'
- IMPORTANT: Select 'Browse my computer for driver software'
- IMPORTANT: select 'let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer'
- use 'show all devices', use 'have disk' and to browse to the cdc.inf file