Behavior of the LED DL2 (COLOR GREEN)

Behavior of the LED DL2 (COLOR GREEN)

The LED DL2 (COLOR GREEN) is related to the RTK features of the RTKITE unit.

It have the following activity:

1- Meanwhile the unit is receiving DGNSS corrections, DL2 is blinking at the rate one single flash each 5 seconds. The unit must have satellites coverage for this use.

These correction can be in RTCMv2, RTCMv3, CMR or CRM+. The unit can receive these corrections from:

- CORS, through to the internal Modem.
- Through the 1W or 2W radio chipset
- Through MAVLINK using gps_injection in Mission Planner
- Any other external source of DGNSS connected to RTKITE unit in the Pin 6

2- In addition to above case 1), when the RTKITE unit is locked to "FIX Status" (GGA Fix quality = 4, Real Time Kinematic), DL2 is blinking at the rate two flash each 5 seconds (instead of one single flash each 5 seconds as stated in above case 1)



Additionally, a secondary use of the LED DL2  is to signal that the unit is in "Config Mode". For enter in the "Config Mode" press the button 3 secs and release it. In this "Config Mode" the LED DL2 is solid on. Use the App for setup the unit in "Config Mode"

PPKOORD. It also have a "Config Mode", the same way to enter in it and the same behaviour of the LED DL2 solid on. But the setup is done by the USB cable and the program Hyperterminal.