RTKite to Pixhawk integration guide


This quick manual with guide you to integrate North's RTKite System-on-Module GNSS RTK receiver to operate as the main GPS for 3DR's Pixhawk autopilot module.


I. Interfase.

The Pixhawk uses TTL 3.3V as logic for serial COM ports.


The RTKite receiver works with either Serial RS232 or TTL 3.3V. If you are going to use the RTKite receiver only with the Pixhawk module, we recommend you to order it directly on this version.

If you order the RTKite with Serial RS232 logic and want to use it with the Pixhawk, you could either put a RS232 to TTL 3.3V converter or convert the RTKite to TTL 3.3V logic

II.- Pinout.

The details of Pixhawk's Pinout are on its support site: https://pixhawk.org/modules/pixhawk#pinouts

The RTKite is to be connected on the same ports used for regular GPS receivers, it can be the Pixhawk "GPS" port or the "Serial 4/5" Port.


Pixhawk's Pinout

GPS Port (Primary GPS)
Pin Signal Level (V)
3 (blk) Rx (IN) +3.3V
6 (blk) GND GND
Serial 4/5 Port (Secondary GPS)
Pin Signal Level (V)
3 (blk) Rx (IN) +3.3V
6 (blk) GND GND


RTKite's Pinout

RTKite String Port
Pin Signal Level (V)
2 Tx (OUT) +3.3V
8 and 9 GND GND

In RTKite the data output is on Pin2 at 115,200 baud.


The interconnection between both modules is:

RTKite V2 Pixhawk
PIN 8 or 9 PIN 6





III.- RTKite setup.

Use the SmartOS Config Android application and connect to the RTKite using the steps for CONFIGURATION.

On the RTKite Menu, select the Output Mode: "5Hz ArduPilot NOVA" and press "Set RTKite Mode".

IV.- Pixhawk setup.

In Mission Planner, setup the connetion if you are using GPS port (primary GPS) or Serial4/5 port (secondary GPS)

GPS_TYPE = 15 for GPS port (primary GPS)

GPS_TYPE2 = 15 Serial4/5 port (secondary GPS)

The Baud and Protocol are default, but remember here for reference

SERIAL3_BAUD = 115 (default) (primary GPS)

SERIAL3_PROTOCOL = 5 (default) (primary GPS)

SERIAL4_BAUD = 115 (default) (secondary GPS)

SERIAL4_PROTOCOL = 5 (default) (secondary GPS)

UPDATE 20-dic-2017:

You can download from next link the full list of parameters, exported from Mission Planner with PX4 running ArduPlane 3.8.3


For apply this file, connect to PX4, choose "Load from File", then "Write Params". As shown in this video.


Next video shows RTKITE connected to PX4 for the above video. In this case the link RTK to Base is with UHF radio, so the RTKITE is configured as "Drone UHF" with "5Hz ArduPilot NOVA".



The integration with Pixhawk is now complete.

Example pictures for your reference


Pixhawk 2.1


It have the same setup. Use PIN 3 (RX) and PIN 6 in the GPS connector of Pixhawk 2.1


In the test below, we have used the GPS2 port, so we configure GPS_TYPE2 as NOVA (15). This is the only parameter to setup. Loaded FW was ArduPlane 3.8.4





Pixhawk 2.1 RTK and CORS


This video show the Pixhawk 2.1 with RTK FIXED. RKITE is connected directly to Cors provider. RKITE is configured as "Drone CORS" and connected to Cors provider using micro SIM card.