How to Post Processing Kinematic (PPK) for Photogrammetry

How to Post Processing Kinematic (PPK) for Photogrammetry

With RTKITE you can capture photos directly in RTK mode, so you will avoid the needed of Ground Control Points, or GCP. For this task, some link in real time with some Base is required (for example, a Cors or own Base)

But, there are situations where there are not access to Base in real time. In this case, you can record Rinex files from the Rover and post-process the events (photos) from the camera. For this task, Rinex files from some near Base (say 70 km) are required. Or even, you can use the Rinex files from your own Base in the site (more nearest case)

For other hand, the PPK option is always present even working in RTK mode as "backup"

There are many commercial program for PPK. We will not list here. In the following tutorial we will use a free program (RTKLIB) for post-process the photos from the camera.

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