The format of each row is as below


1 GPS Time GPS week number
2 GPS Time Milliseconds from the beginning of the GPS week
3 Q0 Components of quaternion; index 0
4 Q1 Components of quaternion; index 1
5 Q2 Components of quaternion; index 2
6 Q3 Components of quaternion; index 3
7 Solution status 0 Solution computed
    1 Insufficient observations
    6 Not yet converged from cold start
8 Position type 0 No solution
    1 Position has been fixed by the FIX POSITION command
    16 Single point position
    17 Pseudorange differential solution
    18 Solution calculated using corrections from an SBAS
    34 Floating narrow-lane ambiguity solution
    49 Integer wide-lane ambiguity solution
    50 Integer narrow-lane ambiguity solution
    51 Super wide-lane solution
9 Position Latitude
10 Position Longitude
11 Position Height above mean sea level