Troubleshooting for antenna reception

Troubleshooting for antenna reception

We have made an update, 1.2.1 of FW and 2.9 of App

With this version, you can setup the Output Mode: "5 Hz RAW Novatel OEM6"


Then, connect the RTKite to the PC with Cable or by Bluetooth (Enable Bluetooth Status in this case) and configure RTKNAVI for inspect the signal status


Be sure to enable also GLONASS


Then, press "Start" in RTKNAVI and inspect signal status in real time

The Rover L2 SNR is the graph more important to check. As "sanity" test, just cover the antenna with the hand. Is normal that you lost the satellites.

The key now is to find if some other part (mechanical or electronic) in your system, or condition or ... cause the same lost of satellites

We hope this new feature helps you to diagnose your system.

You can also download RTKNAVI from here:



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