Recommendations for RTKITE PCB handling with safety

General recommendations for all printed circuit boards (PCB)



1) Never touch any electronic part with hand or fingers. Human body have big capacitance and can discharge high voltage spikes (ESD, Electrostatic Discharge)



2) Be sure that your work area is not a metallic surface that can produce short circuits between open wires and/or parts of PCB





Special recommendations for RTKITE PCB


1)      For handle any wire connected to the PCB, ie the RTKITE green connector, the power must be switched OFF


2)      For handle any of the antenas connections, the power must be switched OFF


3)      Before to apply power, be sure the all the antenas of modules that it will be used are plugged


- GPS antenna, always

- Mobile antenna, mandatory if Cors or AutoCaster connections

                        - UHF antenna, mandatory if  the UHF module is used



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