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What's the "Use Location" option in the App for CORS configuration


What's the "Use Location" option in the App for CORS configuration


You must set this option according the selected Stream (Datastream mountpoint) on CORS. This field correspond to the "nmea" parameter in the STR description in Sourcetable returned by the CORS

Example of sourcetable (returned by

Description of fields

12    nmea     Caster requires NMEA input (1) or not (0)     Content: 1 or 0

If the 12-th field (after the CORS coordinates) is 1, you have to check "Use Location"

When the "Use Location" is checked in the CORS configuration, then the receiver will send the NMEA GPGGA sentence to CORS with the actual location of receiver. For this reason, the connection to CORS with "Use Location" enabled will only work in outdoor.

The frequency at what the NMEA GPGGA sentence is sent to CORS can be controlled from the App. By default is 30 secs, but we have confirmed that some CORS will drop out the connection if the GPGGA is not sent in the 10 seconds interval.

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