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Quick Guide for get connect to CORS/NTRIP


This document applies to SmarRTK and RTKite.



1) A CORS/NTRIP account for access to this service in your region.

2) A MICRO SIM card working for Internet access. PIN must be 1111 or not PIN.

3) APN settings. These are the data from the Cellular operator of SIM for access to Internet.


Steps for setup Internet access

In SmarRTK, go to menu "Settings by App". Fill values in APN settings. The APN User and APN Password can be empty (if required by Operator, refer to their documentation)

In RTKite, enter in "Mode Config" (3 second press push-button)

Use "Set" command for send parameters, "Get" for read it.


Steps for setup CORS/NTRIP account

Fill these fields

  • URL
  • Port
  • User
  • Password

Then, press "Load Streams" for download the sourcetable of CORS/NTRIP server

At least for the first time you download the sourcetable, the Android device running this App must have Internet connection



Select the "STREAM" you want to use and the "Use Location" option if is required by the Stream selected.


Use "Set" command for send parameters, "Get" for read it.


Notes about "Use Location"

You must set this option when the "STREAM" requires the receiver sends their location for start to receive the DGPS corrections. This is often the case of "Virtual" o "Networked" service (VRS, NEAR, NEAREST, MAX, iMAX...)



App for Android

App for Windows PC

For SmaRTK, check also


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