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What protocol and messages are supported for output from?


What protocol and messages are supported for output from?


Protocols supported are NMEA and Novatel (Binary and ASCII)

The RTKITE have some predefined modes for some typical applications. They are:


Output Mode Comment
10 Hz NMEA (GPGGA) Land robot project
5 Hz PX4 Binary Obsolete, do not use it
5 Hz ArduPilot NMEA For ArduPilot (ArduCopter)
1 Hz Carlson Survey NMEA For GIS client Software, as Carlson Survey, TopView, Norh GIS Survey, North Depth Surveyor…
5 Hz Nav+IMU Custom Research purposes
10 Hz NMEA (GPGGA, GPRMC) Land robot project
10 Hz BESTPOSA Land robot project
5 Hz ArduPilot NOVA

For ArduPilot (ArduCopter)



If you want to customize your output, then choose "CUSTOM" in "Output Mode" and, in the Tab "Custom Output", enable the desired output and frequency (up to 10)





Advanced users

In the case you are interested, you can also configure the module by commands (using the Serial comms over Bluetooth link). See the protocol documentation:


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